Samsung could sell the Galaxy S21 without a charger and without headphones

Apple decided to eliminate the headphones and the charger in all its iPhones, which means that now when you buy one of these smartphones, you only take the terminal and the USB Type-C to Lightning cable.

Rumors began to emerge, after that move, that it was only a matter of time until the main sellers of Android-based smartphones followed in Apple’s footsteps, bad news for all users, since it means a reduction in the value included in the basic packs of this type of device.

Eliminating the charger and headphones may end up forcing the user to buy these accessories, and it increases the real cost that must be assumed when changing smartphones. That is why it is bad news, and it can be a problem, especially in those cases where users are not really aware that their new smartphone will come without such accessories.

According to information that comes from South Korean sources, Samsung will be the first to follow the path that Apple has set, since it will market the Galaxy S21 without a charger and without headphones. This information does not have official confirmation, so it does not have to be fulfilled, but more and more voices point in that direction, so we cannot rule it out completely either.