The OnePlus 8 Pro includes a curious photographic filter that allows you to see through clothing or plastic

The OnePlus 8 Pro has become viral in the last hours, and is has been discovered that the ship terminal badge OnePlus includes a curious photographic filter have dubbed ‘ Xray ‘ (although not as well), since it allows to see a through clothing and even certain plastics , although it is actually called Photochrom .

The final effect is due to the fact that the Photochromic filter captures not only the light visible to the human eye but also the infrared spectrum, thus allowing the inside of certain objects to be seen.

Such has been the virality, that the YouTuber Unbox Therapy himself wanted to try it first hand, and was able to see how the terminal was able to see the components that are hidden inside the Apple TV, from some remote controls, or from the Pro control of the Nintendo Switch. Even taking a picture of your body wearing a plain black shirt, after using the filter you can see how it hides an iPhone case.

Something similar happened in 1998, where a Sony camcorder also offered these “X-rays”, which implied that the company removed the new version of its camera since this could be used to violate people’s privacy.