There are more than 1 billion active iPhones around the planet

The well-known Apple analyst, Neil Cybart, has indicated that there would be more than a billion active iPhones around the planet. This would make. and is not a surprise to anyone, the iPhone the most popular and best-selling smartphone in the world; In addition. Cybart estimates that next would be a very important year for Apple since it would be in 2021 when the largest number of iPhones in history would be sold.

One billion

Cybart has published a virtual note on the Above Avalon website, indicating that there are currently more than 1 billion (yes, 1 plus 9 leading zeros) of active iPhones in the world:

One billion people now have iPhones. According to my estimate, Apple passed the milestone of 1 billion iPhone users last month (September 2020)

Thirteen years after going on sale, the iPhone is still the world’s most popular and best-selling smartphone.

Competitors continue to blatantly copy the iPhone or, at the very least, are heavily influenced by it.

Going forward, Apple’s top priorities for the iPhone include finding ways to keep the device at the center of people’s lives while recognizing the paradigm shift introduced by wearables.

Record year

According to Cybart, in 2015, Apple reached the highest number of iPhones sold in a 12-month period: 231 million smartphones.

This record would go down in history in 2021, as Cybart has analyzed certain patterns and estimates that about 240 million iPhones will be sold next year

The iPhone has been the pillar that has allowed Apple to become a company valued at two trillion dollars, an incredible number that the company could not have even dreamed of in the 1990s, when it lived a difficult time that almost brought it to life. bankruptcy. Microsoft saved her, and with the introduction of the iPhone there was a before and after that pushed her to the top of the sector.