Acclaimed Psychological Horror Game “Visage” Will Officially Launch On Steam This October 30

More than two years have passed since Visage was released on Steam as an Early Access for today the SadSquare studio announced that its psychological horror game inspired by Silent Hills PT, will be officially released on October 30.

Visage is widely considered one of the best horror games ever, and on Steam it currently has 87% positive reviews. The title currently costs $ 280 Argentine pesos, although on October 30 its price will increase due to the new content that will be available.

The Early Access currently available on Steam contains two chapters, offering a total of 8 hours of gameplay (approximately). The developers indicated in a blog that the launch will include a total of four chapters and will provide a total of 15 hours, doubling its content.

It is important to clarify that those who buy the game will now receive the new content for free, regardless of the increase in the price of the game.

The study also mentioned as an important note that those who already have the game must manually save a copy of their games so as not to lose progress. This is because the game will undergo major changes, forcing the developers to delete the save files that come from Early Access.

As in Outlast and Amnesia, in Visage we will not fight against any of the monsters we find: there are no weapons, but there are many places to hide. The SadSquare Studio Developers write that the game is difficult in “unconventional ways,” which means that it won’t always be obvious what we need to do to “progress” through the story. In other words, PT’s DNA appears to be intact.

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Have you played Visage yet? On October 30 we will have 2 new chapters to enjoy, just in time for Halloween