Pac-Man Geo is released, the version to play on mobile and with Google Maps

Bandai Namco has launched Pac-Man Geo, a new installment that takes this character to real maps and streets anywhere in the world through Google Maps

The video game studio Bandai Namco has launched its title for cell phones:  Pac-Man Geo, a new installment of the franchise that takes this character to maps and real streets anywhere in the world through Google Maps.

The Japanese company had already presented the video game last month, allowing interested players to register to receive it, and since Wednesday Pac-Man Geo has begun to appear installed on their mobile devices, as Bandai Namco reported in a statement.

The new video game has the particularity that it allows you to play games of the classic Pac-Man on real maps of iconic locations in cities such as New York, Paris and Tokyo, as well as anywhere in the world accessible on Google Maps.

The title transfers the classic Pac-Man mechanics to the maps of real cities, turned into mazes in which players will be chased by the ghosts Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde.

In the game there will also be ‘power-pellets’ , or energy balls, the elements that allow you to turn the tables and turn Pac-Man from being hunted into a ghost chaser.

Pac-Man Geo breaks the traditional concept of Pac-Man mazes, allowing Pac-Man to be played in real-world locations around the globe for the first time in its 40-year history, “said Dennis Lee, Director of Brand Marketing for Baindai Namco Entertainment America Inc., referring to the 40th anniversary of the ‘pacifier’, which is celebrated this year.

Pac-Man Geo is available from this Wednesday on Android and iOS mobile devices in more than 170 territories around the world  and can be downloaded from the official platforms Google Play and App Store.