Seasonic confirms NVIDIA RTX 30 series 12-pin connector

We have been running an interesting rumor about the RTX 30 for several weeks that points to the use of an additional 12-pin power connector, and that connector has finally been confirmed by Seasonic.

Many doubts arose when the information was leaked that the more powerful models of the RTX 30 series were going to use an additional 12-pin power connector, especially since we are used to seeing configurations with 6 and 8 connectors. pins, but we have never seen a general consumer graphics card that uses that type of connector.

In the end, it turns out that the information was true, in fact, some media have already begun to receive the adapters that allow connecting two additional 8-pin power cables and converting them into a 12-pin connector. It is a very simple system, but the significant space-saving it achieves is curious since the resulting 12-pin connector does not take up more space than an 8-pin connector.

The 12-pin power connector can supply a maximum of 600 watts, more than enough to power any high-end graphics card, so it is likely to end up becoming the new industry standard, not only for the power it offers but because it also makes it possible to put an end to the need to use two connectors and to integrate two power outlets on the graphics card.

The adapter will come bundled with new NVIDIA graphics cards, as is currently the case with 6-pin to 8-pin adapters.